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1. National Activities Photographs

2. International Activities Photographs

National Activities Photographs:
H. E. Moti Lal Vora, Governor of U.P.& Shri RamNaresh Yadav, Former Chief Minister of U.P. Inaugurating the Faculty of Alternative Medicine in Prashanti Medical Care Institute(PMCI), Varanasi (June, 28, 1994)
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM  explaining and submitting the literatures of Integrated Medicine to Dr Karan Singh,  Former Union Minister of Health, Govt. of India after inauguration an Alternative Medicine Conference (January, 1995)
A View of Dias Arrangement (From L-R) Shri Anil Shastri; Prof.R.B. Mishra, Prof S.P.Ojha and Dr.N.P.Dubey during the Inaugural Ceremony of First International Academia on Integrated Medicine (FIAIM - 1995)
H.H.T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Rinpochhe, Conferring, Fellowship of Polypathy (FP) and Award to Dr. N.P. Dubey President WAIM at Delhi (January-1997)
Prof. B.K.Gupta, Head of the Dept. of Medicine, GSVM Medical College Kanpur is being honored by Shri Ram Naresh Yadav, Former Chief Minister of U.P.during WCIM- 1997
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM receiving “India Gandhi Priyadarshini Award” with Hon’ble GVG Krishnamurthy, Chief Election  Commissioner of India (1997)
Dr. Harshvardhan, Minister of Health and Education, Got. of Delhi is Inaugurating UCIM–98 at India Medical Association, New Delhi, Dr. N. P. Dubey, Organizing Secretary is sitting on side of Dias(November-1998)
Prof. P.G. Kurup, Director. Holistic Institute and Chetna Therapy Center Kaliakaivalyi, Kanyakumari who has spiritually trained Dr. N. P. Dubey, President of WAIM is blessing UCIM-98 at IMA, HQ, New Delhi(November 1998)
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President of WAIM is being Honored by Prof. Dr. Meher Moose, President , Zoroastrian College Mumbai during World Congress (January 1999)
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM is receiving International Holistic Excellence Award from Padmashree Dr. Vijaikumar S. Shah and  Shri Anil Shastri ,  Former Union Minister in presence of Prof.R.K. Singh, Vice Chancellor ,G G University, Bilaspur during IMNM-99
Dr. Namika Dubey is receiving the Gold Medal from the hands Prof. K. Hanumanthappa, Former Vice- Chancellor, Shri Sathy Sai Institute of Higher Learning , Prashanti Nilayam, Anantpur during IMNM-99
Dr.N.P.Dubey, President WAIM is receiving “Albert Switzer Award” from the Chief Delegate of Austria and Prof. Mehar master Moose in World Congress organized at Mumbai January 2000
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM is honored with Gold Medal Award & Certificate at Rameshwaram (February 2000)
Prof. Mehar Master Moos, President, Zoroastrian College Mumbai, honoring Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM with Gold Medal for Excellence in the Field of Integrated Medicine during the World Congress  (January 2001)
Dr. N.P.Dubey, President WAIM and Padmashree Dr. Vijaikumar S. Shah,  Vice- President WAIM are honoring Shri Satyanarayan Reddy, Former Governor of U.P. and Orissa during IAIM-2002
A Galaxy of IAIM 2003 (From L-R) Dr. Happy Tong Chan Wah (Malysiya); Major V. Raizada, Registar WAIM:Shri S.C.Tripathi, Secertary, Elementary Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India:Dr.Diwan Harish Chand; Homeopathic Physician to President of India; Dr.N.P.Dubey, President WAIM and Dr. Iqbal Hassan Mahmood (Bangladesh)
A Group after Award and Convocation Ceremony  IAIM-2004 (Sitting on Dias L-R) Dr.Thornton Streeter, Prof. R.H. Singh, Prof N.B.S.Sarkari ;(Standing Behind L-R) Prof. S.M.A Batauli; Dr. Namika Tiwari; Dr. N.P. Dubey; & Prof. Ranjit Roy Chaudhury
Dr N.P.Dubey, President WAIM after honoring his Great Guru Prof. Ranjit Roy Chaudhuary during IAIM-2004
A Group Photograph of the Officials, National and International Delegates at the end of Award and Convocation Ceremony of IAIM- 2004.
A Group Photograph of International  Academicians during Award and Convocation Ceremony of IAIM-2005 (From L-R) Dr N.P.Dubey, President WAIM, Padmashree Dr.Vijaikumar S. Shah, Vice President WAIM, Dr. Stefen Reiter(Germany), Dr. Saquib Zadeh (Iran), Prof. Mahadi Hasan, President IFDIM, Prof.N.B.S.Sarkari(Gorakhpur) and Dr. I.B.Gaur, Legal Advisor to WAIM
Dr. N.P.Dubey, President WAIM is seeking advise and  blessings of  Prof. A.N. Safaya, Director SSSIHMS Prashanti Nilayam (AP) before leaving to USA for his New Mission (July 2006)
A Moment of Devotion Dr. N.P. Dubey & Mrs.Sheela Dubey in Meenakshi Temple Madurai, India (February 2000)
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