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Aumic Management is an individual management with cosmouniversal individual contents or it derivatives used either in isolation or in combination for protection of aumic body and health to lead an aumified life. The management consist of two aspects i.e. aumic philosophy and holistic therapy. The aumic philosophy leading to - Prevention, promotion, healing, along with aumification and the holistic therapy leading to - Prevention, promotion, treatment, rehabilitation, aumification and Aumified Life.


Being divine holistic comprehensive management aumic management involves spiritual, holistic, traditional and modern tools and techniques in treatment and healing. Based on measures, means, method and materials, the aumic management are of three types.

  1. Aumic Ritual Management.
  2. Aumic Material Management.
  3. Aumic Remedial Management.

1. Aumic Ritual Management:

Aumic ritual management is the method of aumic healing based on the recitation of aumic rituals associated with cosmouniversal deities and derivative. The common ways to perform aumic rituals by aumic sounds vibrations (ASV).  The vibrations are created by chanting the AUM called Aumkar.  The rituals are performed in aumified place. The sound may be of varying intensities from audible to silent in inner self. Some of the common ways of creating the aumic sound vibrations are:

  • AUM Aarti,
  • AUM Chalisa,
  • AUM Brahm Mantras,
  • AUM Katha,
  • AUMIC Bijakshra,
  • AUMIC Bij Mantras.
  • AUMIC Invocation.
  • AUMIC Chanting through Devoice.
  • AUMIC Yog.
  • AUMIC Meditation.
  • AUMIC Agnihotra
  • AUMIC Yagya.
  • AUMIC Yantras.

2. Aumic Ritual Management:

Aumic material management is method aumic healing with cosmouniversal material derived in the name of specified deities. Such materials are enriched with cosmouniversal energy (CUE) after necessary aumification. There is long list of aumic materials used in aumic management. The materials used in aumic management are broadly divided in two groups:-

  • Eatable Materials.
  • Non eatable Materials.

Eatable Materials:

Those materials used in one or the other way as food and drink are called eatable material. They are grouped in three categories:

  • General Food.
  • Additional Food.

Non eatable Material:

These are natural materials not use as food or drinks. They are related to the individual celestial structures. These are derived as salt and minerals from the nature. These materials are used in one or the other forms in various religions all over the world. These materials are grouped in two groups:

I. Gems.
II. Auspicious matters.


Aumic remedial management is the method of the management with aumified cosmouniversal individual contents or it derivatives used either in isolation or in combination to maintain the aumic body and health through aumification.

Sources of Medicament:

The aumic medicaments are derived from three major sources.

  • Higher Sources.
  • Universal Sources.
  • Lower Sources.

Higher Sources:

The highest source for an individual is his soul which is a representative of GOD. The soul establishes the connectivity with individual Material Nature (Lower Prakriti).. Thus, the major energy is derived from higher sources are:

  1. Soul,
  2. Mind 
  3. Senses

Universal Sources:

The universe is full of the heavenly bodies (Celestial bodies) which emit light as constant energy for universal creations. Every universal existing receives it according to his celestial bodies. These heavenly bodies care for mainly the individual’s holistic body which protects the physical body. The following three major bodies are taken in account as universal remedial source:

  1. Zodiac - 12
  2. Stars and Nakshatras - 28
  3. Planets - 9

Lower Sources:

The lower sources are available around us. These are comprised of Material Nature (Lower Prakriti)like an individual. They are the part of the nature. They care for the physical body which has the same constituents as of the Material Nature (Lower Prakriti) i.e. Five elements plus mind, intellect and egoism. The most common lower source of remedial medicaments is:

  • Plants -      - Herbs, shrubs and trees.
  • Minerals    - Metals, gems and crystals.
  • Chemicals - Elements as Solid, liquid and gases
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