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Holistic Health Activities (In Collaboration to AUM Foundation, NY, USA.)

Holistic health activities of World Association of Integrated Medicine are working in collaboration with AUM Foundation LLC, NY, USA.  The academic aspects as holistic medicine of AUM Foundation LLC is working in incorporated with WAIM while principal, diagnostic and holistic healing component of AUM Foundation is working as AUM Foundation independently for healing and therapy availably on For details of AUMIC healing, the readers are requested to visit


AUM Foundation LLC was formerly known as AUM Organization INC. It is a registered Organization under the Limited Liability Company Law of the state of New York, USA. It is functioning as Socio-Spiritual Institution (SSI).The Foundation is dedicated to take entire care mass through Holistic Education and Holistic Healing. The holistic education is open to all candidates swilling to undergo such training while the holistic healing service is available to all, irrespective of caste, creeds, religion, race etc. The Foundation involves all possible traditional skills and knowledge; means and methods; tools and techniques irrespective of country, community and systems of management or healing. The holistic educational activities are conducted institutionally as well as through distance learning program (DLP).The programs are online as well as  through guidance, lectures, demonstrations and necessary practical trainings. The academic division inculcates the philosophy of holistic knowledge and skills for the benefit of the healing of self and surroundings, the health care division offers comprehensive holistic health through all spiritual, natural and traditional health practices. AUMIC healing management provide comprehensive holistic health care (CHHC). Thus, the AUM Therapy of AUM Foundation has a long coverage in all spheres health care as-Preventive, Promotion, Relieve of Suffering, Rehabilitation and Attainment of Ultimate Goal.


The human body is integrated mass of matter having condensed energy which is controlled by cosmic forces. In the body mass, the matter is called Shiva and the energy is called Shakti. The energy field has its various synonyms according to culture as “Brahman, Chetana, Prana (Indians), Chi (Chinese), Pneuma (Greek); Nuah (Jews); Bioplasma (Russian).Vital Force (Westerners), Ruh (Arabics), Orgone energy” etc in different part of world. The human energy field is same as universal energy field or Para-Brahma, the Spirit, the GOD. Thus, our body energy is controlled by the Cosmic Forces.Chetana is Prana, the Brahman. It is also called life force. One cannot touch; taste, see, hear or smell it. It cannot be pierced with weapon, burnt with fire, wet with water, dried with air. It is present in all sentient and insentient of the universe. It induces dynamic changes in everything. It is also called Atma, Prana, Brahman or Soul.


AUMIC Holistic healing is method which eliminates all the blockages of various channels causing physical, mental, social, moral, spiritual, and environmental changes in health and develop at all levels of the individual by breaking the negative cycle and restoring the positive cycle through various divine, universal, environmental and individual energy.


Though World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) cover  all aspects of health as mentioned in AUM Foundation but AUM Foundation has added additional advantage of holistic health care coverage. Thus the following aspects of health are considered under holistic health care:


Holistic health institutions are autonomous centre involved in holistic health care activities. They guide the healthy as well as diseased people to maintain their normal health and promote the health in diseased condition. The aim is to have always positive health. Thus, holistic health divisions are of following types of institutions:

  1. Spiritual Centre.
  2. Wellness Centre.
  3. Yoga and Meditation Centre.
  4. Other Institutions involved in related activities.


  1. Academic Activities: Refer to Institutes of Holistic Medicine.
  2. AUM Therapy:  Refer to for AUMIC Therapy.
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