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World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) is one of the leading institutions of Integrated Medicine. The academic program of teaching, training, treatment, research and national implementation was initiated by Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine (IFDIM) which is now an academic division WAIM. The program of WAIM prepared by Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine (IFDIM) has been appreciated by World Health Organization SEARO, New Delhi and Head Quarter, Geneva, Switzerland.

Thus, integrated medicine educational program (IMEP) is our recognition. It is our innovative program and we are the first to develop the undergraduate and postgraduate program of integrated medicine. The program is unique and well accepted in various institutions globally. The courses are offered in general and specialty through its head office, country chapters and affiliated/accredited institutions. The courses are most useful and beneficial for all professionals of various systems of medicine, healing and allied health sciences. The integrated medicine courses of WAIM are based on modern scientific medical system with holistic ideas and preserving the root values of traditional medical systems and healing. The integrated medical system and approach is the need of the day.

We are trying in direction to establish the Integrated Medical Program at National level as independent program likes Modern Medicine and Indian System of Medicine (Now renamed as AYUSH) through special Act of Government of India. World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) offers various courses and services directly and through its affiliated / accredited institutions. World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) has Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine (IFDIM) for academic activities and council in the name of International Integrated Medicine Council (IIMC) for Registration of their students under its various clauses.

The entire work has Copyright from Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource New Delhi. AUM Foundation LLC, NY, USA is an institution of integrated health and holistic care has merged its academic components with the academic activities of WAIM while WAIM has merged the heath care activities with AUM Foundation to develop as holistic health care activity. The common aim of WAIM and AUM Foundation is one i.e.”Relief of Suffering”.

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