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The standardisation of integrated medical educational program (IMEP) is object of World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM). In order to standardise, WAIM has opted three approaches.

  1. Academic Approach.

  2. Institutional Approach.

  3. Regulatory Approach.

1. Academic Approach:

All the educational activities as for undergraduate, postgraduate, research and medico technical courses need effective course curriculum, duration, examination and other component for its completion. These academic activities are prepared by Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine (IFDIM). Besides academic course curriculum IFDIM support for following activities:

I. Teaching,
II. Training,
III. Treatment.
IV. Research.
V. National Implementation.

The academic programs are developed by Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine.

2. Institutional Approach:

Before, starting academic activities, it is required to find out the suitable institutions to conduct its teaching, training, treatment and healing activities on principles of Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM). WAIM has following types of institution to conduct its academic activities.

I. Affiliated Institutions.

II. Temporary Institutions.

III. Individual Institutions.

I. Affiliated Institutions:

These institutions are officially affiliated / accredited by World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) after completing the formalities of affiliation. They are authorised to admit the candidate directly as well as referred by World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM).

II. Temporary Institutions:

These institutions are temporarily associated by World Association of Integrated Medicine for a particular batch or candidate for definite time. These institutions granted approval on request for a particular time. These institutions are:

  • Hospital.
  • Nursing Home.
  • Clinics,
  • Healing Centre.
  • Yoga and Meditation Centre.

III. Individual Institutions:

Any individual involved in self study, search and research may be designated as individual institution. Such experienced scholar / practitioner of any system of medicine and healing will be granted certificate as - Diploma / Advanced Diploma in integrated speciality after payment of Fee, Project and Evaluation. These people can perform teaching, training; treatment and research to an individual or in group.

3. Regulatory Approach:

All the academic activities conducted by World Association of Integrated Medicine and its institution are regulated by the council known as - International Integrated Medicine Council (IIMC).

Duties and Responsibilities of Council:

The International Integrated Medicine Council (IIMC) has following important duties and responsibilities.

  • Approval of course curriculum.
  • Approval of Institutions.
  • Approval of academic activities.
  • Registration of student/members under various clauses – IM (Integrated Medicine); TM (Traditional Medicine); AM (Alternative Medicine); HM (Holistic Medicine) and MTE (Medico Technical Education).
  • To identify the National and International systems of treatment and healing having possibilities and feasibilities of applicability in India and arranging them under various clauses of IIMC.
  • Continuous effort of standardisation of Curriculum, Institutions and Academic activities.
  • Finalisation of any dispute in above matters and council directly or with consultation.
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