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Man is unique integration of visible and invisible components. The visible components of living beings are present in Physical Body called Basic Nature (Inferior Prakriti) which is comprised of five elements i.e. sky, air, fire, water and earth plus three elements mind, intellect and ego while the invisible aspect described as Superior Nature (Higher Prakriti) which is soul (Atma), the component of GOD (Parmatma).

Depending on the past acts (Karmas) one gets the present life and plays the roles accordingly on the stage of this physical world. Education is a part of his life span. Depending on so many known and unknown factors, one undergoes for a particular formal or non-formal and holistic educations. In spite of all efforts of the government and non-government organizations,  majority are deprived of their desired education due to some or the other reasons.
Amongst the various formal educations, medical education has a vital role and impact in society. In medical field, there are many systems of treatment and healing categorized under scientific and unscientific (traditional) system. The unscientific systems are called traditional system and have various synonyms as- folk, fringe, ethno, healingunofficial and so on. The so called scientific system has emerged from these traditional systems and has left the traditional systems behind in spite of very many qualities which at all are not present in scientific system. The most unfortunate thing is the gap between scientific and traditional medicines.

World Association of Integrated medicine (WAIM)  has taken the task of integration of scientific and traditional systems together and development of its teaching, training, treatment, research and national implementation in various combinations thought the world. The concept of the integration developed by Indian Foundation for Development of Integrated Medicine (IFDIM) which is the basic unit of World Association of Integrated Medicine (WAIM) has been appreciated by World Health Organization, SEARO, New Delhi and HQ, Geneva. The concept is concerned with both the educational pattern and service of integrated medicine.

I am sure that the students undergoing various levels education, training of integrated, traditional, alternative, holistic medicine and healing through WAIM and its affiliated/associated institutions will be greatly benefited with many innovative ideas and concepts of WAIM. This will further enhance the values of service to the suffering humanity.

“Service to Man is Service to God”


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