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Dr.N.P.Dubey, Secrtary IFDIM is  Chairing Scientific Session of his First International Conference at Colombo, Sri Lanka  with other two delegates from Greece and Sri Lanka respectively (November 1993)
Dr. Xiaoruri Zhang, Medical Officer, Traditional Medicine, WHO HQ., Geneva, Switzerland  is receiving Fellow of Foundation of Integrated Medicine (F.F.I.M) and Integrated Medical Literatures developed by Dr.N.P. Dubey, Secretory-IFDIM
Dr. Suman K. Mishra, Prof. of Endocrinology, Ohio State University Ohio, (USA) with the staff and students of Prashanti Medical Care Institute Varanasi
Prof. Jenes Jerndal,  Vice- President, Prof.H.John Zitko, President World University, AZ, Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM and Ms. Jeal , Office Manager to WU in a conference at- Hotel Ramada, AZ, USA (December-1998)
Dr. N.P. Dubey,  President WAIM is honoring Prof. Antom Jayasurya, President, OIUCM, Colombo, Sri Lanka (November -2000)
Dr. N.P.Dubey, President WAIM is being Honored his Outstanding contribution in Integrated Medicine in an International Conference organized by OIUCM at Colombo Sri Lanka (November-2000)
Dr. N. P. Dubey, President WAIM, is honoring-Major Gen-(Rtd.) Anwarul Kabir Talukder, Dacca  ( April 12, 2002)
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM with Prof. Che Fu Chen, Director, TCM Research Institute, Taipei, Taiwan during Inaugural Ceremony of WIMCo at Beijing (September; 24, 2002)
A welcome evening on the occasion of Inauguration 2nd World Integrative Medical Cnference (WIMCo -2002) at Beijing, China (September; 23, 2002)
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM is honoring Prof. Chen Keji, President WIMCo with Fellowship of World Association of Integrated Medicine (FWAIM)  during Second WIMCo at  Beijing (September;23, 2002)
A View of Relaxation during WIMCo-2002 out the Beijing International Hotel, at Beijing, China (September; 2002)
Dr.N.P.Dubey, President WAIM and Dr. Happy Tong Chan Wah, Vice- President WAIM are honoring Prof. Che fu Chen, Director TCM Research Center Taipei with the Fellowship of World Association of Integrated Medicine (October 2003)
Dr. N.P. Dubey, President WAIM as Advisor to WHO in a meeting  at Melbourne, Australia  (November-2003)
Dr. N.P.Dubey,  As an Advisor to WHO and Prof. Charlie Xue Organizing Secretary of the meeting ( In the Middle) and other Two WHO Advisors  at Melbourne, Australia (November 10, 2009)
A Group Photograph  with WHO Logo and some Advisors” (L-R) Dr.N.P.Dubey, President WAIM, Dean Faculty of Anatomy, Melbourne University, Dr. Choi Saung Hoon, Medical Officer (TM) W’PRO, and  AdvisorWHO at Melbourne, Australia (November 2003)
A group of Hamdard Laboratory, Dhaka, Bangladesh is greeting Dr. N. P. Dubey, President, WAIM and Dr. G. M. Farouq, President, WAIM ( Bangladesh Chapter) at the Campus of Manufacturing of Hamdard Laboratory.
Dr. N. P. Dubey, President, WAIM wisiting tha Manufacturing Unit of Hamdard Laboratory along with their Senior Executives.
Dr. N. P. Dubey, President, WAIM honouring Mrs. Kamla Persaud Bissesser, Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago in a function organised at New York, USA
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